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Robert E Howard Savage's Sword # 8, review.

 Here is a review shared yesterday by Dark Horse with me.
So i did the same with you, audience.

Dear Dark Horse:
Robert E. Howard's Savage Sword #8 featured some great characters of Robert E. Howard that many comic fans never heard of. The most popular non-Conan character featured in this issue was Solomon Kane. Kane dispatching the witch woman was excellently represented in the dark European forest. With all the interest in Grimm's fairy tales in comics these days, more tales of supernatural menaces in German forests would be a great storyboard launching for future Solomon Kane stories. Dark Horse should consider more Solomon Kane stories either here in Savage Sword or in more mini-series. Breckinridge Elkins and the team of Conrad/Kirowan were characters I never heard of before but appreciated the potential of stories that they could represent. Especially the Conrad/Kirowan characters, as supernatural/steampunk stories seem to be popular in comics these days and Dark Horse should capitalize upon these possibilities.
Artistically, the best part of the issue was the Daily Life in Hyboria story by Franck Biancarelli! I stared at the scene of the mercenaries riding their horses over the hill—this same image was used on the back cover. The artwork even out did the classic John Buscema Conan story reprinted in this issue! And that Conan story was one of the greatest stories ever. Thank you Dark Horse for a great issue of Savage Sword!
Doug Butler
Champaign, IL
Yes, you may print this letter.